And the Answer Is -Music

The question we should ask is what is music? When was it created? Where did it come from? 

From a psychological view point, maybe the question of the origin of music is difficult to answer, I will try to express from my perspective what I learned and enjoyed in my younger days. Never-the-less as early as 1620 it is recorded that English explorers  made note of how important music was to the African Cultural and maybe the world in general. The three core types of music are Jazz, Blues and Gospel. Gospel music includes religious hymns that started in the fields sung by slaves as they worked. Blues is basically the religious story telling of learning drums. Jazz is a unique form of music that came to prominence around the turn of the 20th. century. The African was sufficiently advanced to invent musical instruments as he was stripped of every form of birth-right when brought to America, necessity forced them to fashion instruments from materials at hand such as trees, reeds and bones added to clapping and stomping of feet that one form of rhythm grew. The rhythmic patterns were never simple and were made to suit the verbal expression. It is no doubt that the influence of the African music hit Bermuda’s shores. Throughout the 1920’s -1980′ the Bermudian musician expressed the musical talents although faced with many barriers through racism they pressed on and opened doors for those who came after them. These early musicians first played in Big Bands ,  Marching Bands church Choirs and organist. As the war years took its toll and musician returned from their participation in the war we saw the emergence of Calypso Bands,Quartet trio’s and songsters. The world of music has continued to evolve and Bermuda’s musicians continue to play their role as new forms of music emerge in hip hop, reggae, rap and newer forms of inspirational music.  They continue to move their feet to the rhythmic beat of the Gombey drum, Socca, Salsa and the sacred sounds of the upbeat in Gospel Music. For  many people in other cultures music is an important part of their way of life.  The Indian who dances to their special drum beat with their colourful regaled native dress and the chants unique to them. The African who continues to swing and swirl to their African beats and yells of sounds only known to them and the joy that comes from them. Bermuda should be no exception. We should not be struggling to work in a field that we enjoy. We should not have to compete with the visiting musician.  Like many countries we should learn our musical history, tell the story of our past musicians,encourage our aspiring musicians to fight for their dreams treasure the countries  heritage and be proud to be Bermudian.