‘ Amne ‘And the Baton Moves On’

Once again we look at the life of an up and coming young person who is following with little hesitation her dream. Dr. Amne Osseyran went through her early education with a breeze seldom did she ever not get a passing grade. She attended Berkeley Institute and was a former dancer . Her aim was to become a professional in her career and that she did by hard work observation and determination. She focused on her now steady profession while working at the King Edward Memorial Hospital she became interested in forensic medicine. She worked as a volunteer in the Pathology Department under Dr. Keith Cunningham in 1999 and Ms. Donna Stowe. There she made her presence felt and her final decision to take up her chosen field.


Amne attended the University of East London there she earned a Bsc. with honours in Forensic Science by 2002. She continued to keep in close ties with her Bermuda roots. She was trained by the then Pap testing representative on the equipment and processing and took on the awesome responsibility of preparing paps for the cytology analysis and taught full time staff how to operate the equipment. She became highly experienced in all facets of the Pathology Department. She joined the Msc. in Biomedical Science and began research. Dr. Amne attended conferences to further improve her knowledge. She later attended the University of the West Indies Medical School for her MBBS degree and attended various other medical Institutions to further her training. She has a great commitment to her work and shows no bonds of compassion in helping others. Well done Dr. Amne welcome into the world of a bright demanding necessary vocation and an amazingly bright future.