They called him ‘The Voice of Summer’


C.V. ‘Jim’ Woolridge known throughout the Island as the Voice of Summer was a person involved in all aspects of Bermuda. He was born in Flatts’ in 1926 one of ten siblings to George and Lillian Woolridge.  He was educated at Elliott School in Devonshire and at Berkeley Institute. His desire was to become a Dentist. He attended the New York School of Dental Technology and the Kerpel School in New York. Like many Bermudians during his era he faced the racism of the Island in the early 1900’s this hindered him in working in his chosen  career. He had to resort to support his family doing various jobs including becoming a Taxi Ambassador. He found himself going into broadcasting and in 1961 he started a career at the T.V. station of Z.B.M. and in 1965 he was appointed sales manager. He was politically motivated and in 1968 was elected as a member of Parliament for Smith’s South for the U.B. P. He served in many areas during his Parliamentary Service. Jim was also Deputy chairman and Treasurer for the Berkeley Institute Governing Body from 1963-1973. He served on the  executive committee of the Sea Cadets from 1969-1972 and was Director of the Hamilton Lions Club from 1972-1974. He was appointed chairman of the labour Advisory Council in 1972. 

c.v.jim' woolridge

Jim was an avid cricket fan. It was one of his passions and he became a devoted member of the Flatt’s Victoria Cricket Club. He had a winning personally and this was used to his credit in many of his portfolios  throughout his period in Parliament especially as Tourism Minister. He had a natural flare as the Minister of Tourism and  had no problem mingling with persons from all walks of life. He was extremely outspoken and was not afraid to state his opinion and stick with it. He was a man of principle. He retired from the Parliamentary scene in 2001, but still made his presence felt in the sport of cricket especially at the two day holiday  annual Cup Match Classic showing his expertise as the “Voice of Summer’. He published his Auto-biography soon after his retirement in 2001. Titled ‘The House that Jack Built” it made for an interesting read. He worked tirelessly on behalf of Bermuda and left an indelible mark in the community. C.V. ‘Jim’ Woolridge left us for a greater reward in August of 2018 at the age of 92.