Soldier of Justice Takhir Sharrieff (Gary Perinchief)

Born to Earl and Florence Perinchief Gary Perinchief was apparently destined to become involved in politics and community work. He was a police sergeant and activist whose political consciousness was  forged in the Civil rights struggle. He became an avid supporter of the Progressive Labour Party as well as an anti drug crusader and serious champion for an Independent Bermuda. Gray who changed his name to Takhir Sharrieff once he converted to the Muslin faith joined the Nation of Islam and developed contacts with activists in the United States including the Black Panthers. He was a Major force in the formation of Bermuda against Narcotics in 2005. He moved from the Nation of Islam to the Orthodox Faith and helped to Unite the Islands Muslin Community in the process.   He worked in the  police force from 1963-1972. His police work included the cycle squad unit and then to the  dog section. He was instrumental with setting up the Police Cycle Gymkhana. Later in his life Takhir worked  as  an airport policeman for the Transport Control Department. After which he spent most of his remaining time in developing a private security firm. He founded Supreme Security Services in 1976 and became director for security at the Elbow Beach Hotel. He was described as a strong righteous, fearless freedom fighter and a loving and giving loyal person. Well done brother your work will speak for many seasons to come.