Dr George Thomas “A man with a Mission’

George Thomas was the brother of Austin Thomas. What were the chancesGeorge Thomas that both siblings would become involved in education, Politics and Pastoral work. Born to Reverend Harold R. Thomas and Edith H. Thomas, George spent his early years in Deep Dale Pembroke Bermuda. He received his early education at Central School and later went on to  higher education at Berkeley Institute. He became a Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology there is no counting the babies he delivered. Dr. Thomas tossed his hat into the political arena and was successful serving as Minister of Education, representative  for Hamilton West. Dr. Thomas was an ordained minister, a member of the National Drug Council and the host of a radio show that reflected his spiritual convictions. The show titled ‘Foundation of Truth within you.’ He joined the priesthood in 1991. He was a stanch member of the Evening Light Church together with his brother Austin. Their bond as brothers seemed to be inseparable. Like many others Dr. Thomas had great concerns for the plight of the young black male in Bermuda. He was determined to get involved and try to make a better way for them. He left us with that part of his vision not fully realized. Dr. George Thomas was concerned about his beloved Bermuda and he was a man who gave his all to his family and community.

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