Historical Visionaries


THE THEATRE BOYCOTT was initiated by an anonymous group who called themselves “THE PROGRESSIVE GROUP” they remained anonymous mainly because they feared retribution from the white oligarchy of Bermuda. The Progressive Group held a series of meetings in 1959 to emphasize the need to boycott Bermuda General Theatres for their blatant segregation, they wanted the people to stay away from the racist theatres.

It was persons like Comrade Richard Lynch and Kingsley Tweed along with a few others who showed no fear as they willingly exposed themselves by appearing as speakers at the rallies.

The Progressive group reveled their identities some forty(40) years later and a large reception was held for them on the steps of our “City Hall” still because of fear for his life Reverend Tweed was not among the group to celebrate this honour. Several of their group had moved out of the Country and some had passed on to their reward in glory. They were also handed distinguished honours at Government House, and recognized by the Bermudian Heritage Association/Museum at a large event at the Ruth Seaton James Hall along with several other high profile persons who served the country during this turbulent time.

Albert Jackson

Albert Jackson,CBE JP, Courtesy of Bermuda Archives

Mr. Albert Jackson: CBE JP

Was an Educator for many years. He was the
First chairperson of the Human Rights Commission.
He worked with the Bermuda Nursing Council
and the Apprentice ship and training Council.
He served as Senate President for 11 years.
He was honoured twice by the Queen.
Former Senator Jackson was a member of
The Bermudian Heritage Museum.
He was 91 years of age upon his death.


Dame Marjorie Bean, DBE.OBE. JP
Founding Member

Dame Marjorie L Bean:

Lived on Pond road in Pembroke before moving to North Shore Road in West Pembroke where she had a beautiful view of the North Shore Ocean.
Dr. Bean was an educator and served on many committees and member of several organizations.
In 1979 she received the Stellar Halsall Memorial Award for Community Activities and Arts.
She was Assistant teacher at Berkeley Preparatory School (1925-1928)
Head Mistress of Sandy’s Secondary School (1932-1936).
Supervisor of Schools/ Education Officer (1949-1974)
Seconded to Sandy’s as Principal from 1963-1965.
Trustee of Bermuda Public Service Association
Trustee of St. Paul’s AME Church
Founder of Business and Professional Women’s Association of Bermuda
Founder of the original Debutantes’ Ball
Women’s Civic and Political Association (suffragettes)
Bermuda Heritage Advisory Committee
She was the first women to be appointed to the Legislative Council

She was truly a trailblazer and we are proud to acknowledge her as a founding
member of the Bermudian Heritage Museum.


Lois Perinchief,M.B.E
Founding Member

Ms. Lois Perinchief M.B.E.

A St. Georgian was a business woman with a goal in mind.
After attending Central Technical School in Toronto where she studied to master her craft as a horologist(a craftswoman of watch parts.
She returned to Bermuda in 1946 her desire was to open a jewelry store.
She opened her shop on York Street in St. George’s. She became a pioneer for women and
for blacks in the post war Bermuda Business. She expended her business in 1952, developing
furniture lines, Souvenirs gifts straw goods and other products.
About 1997 she broke another barrier by becoming the first woman Mayor of St. George’s.
We boast of the fact that she is a founding member of the Bermudian Heritage Museum and
has donated a beautiful regalia as a part of our standing exhibit in the C. Ross Smith  room.


Dr.Roosevelt Browne- Pauula KaraKefego

Dr. Pauulu is the author of the Autobigraphy “ME ONE’ in this frank and reveling biography, he shares his many experiences in the United States, and his time as a young man in Cuba. He tells of  the events that transformed him from Roosevelt Browne of Bermuda to Pauulu Roosevelt Osiris Nelson Brown Kamarakafego, Citizen of Liberia, Tanzania, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Vantuatu, St, Kitts, Pan-Africanist. He was an Organizer, in the United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations, Lecturer, Community Organizer advisor to Presidents and Ministers, Parliamentarians, Builders and Teachers.

Roosevelt Pauulu was the father of several children, he was the major player in a campaign for Universal Adult Suffrage in Bermuda and at one time himself a Parliamentarian. He participated in the BLACK POWER movement and touched the lived of other people where ever he went throughout the world.

Roosevelt was an avid history buff and believed in writing the wrongs in the country BERMUDA. He organized the historical Heartbeats programmes that was eventually put into the hands of Bermuda Cultural Affairs. He pushed for success of the country and the Bermudian Heritage Museum. Your road was rough my friend but you made it in the end with flying colours. Well Done.


Dr Roosevelt Browe


Mr. Vincent Leroy Lee 1903-1979

Vincent Lee was born 1903 and was the son of Charles William Lee and Agnes Jane Smith. After the death of his mother in 1905 his father moved to New York the following year and Vincent left as an infant was raised in Bermuda by his Uncle Frank and Aunt Theodosia Albouy. In 1920 he joined his father and step mother Lillian Outerbridge, in New York, where he attended the Brooklyn Preparatory School. Mr. Lee was a graduate from the school of Architecture of Pratt Institute in New York City and also studied at the Beaux Arts Atelier of New York University Extension. Before returning to Bermuda he worked for 8 years with Paterson- King Corporation a firm of Architects, Engineers and Builders.

Returning back home he became one of the first black architects. He became well know in his field in the Island and opened his own Studio in the Arcade Building in Hamilton. He was well qualified to give advice and assistance in that art. He designed and supervised many buildings throughout Bermuda. Some of the most notable Somerset Cricket Club, Bassett building on Court Street, The Vernon Temple  Parsonage, Evening Light Tabernacle ,St. George’s Cricket and the Spot Restaurant. He became an elected officer of Southampton Parish Vestry and Tax collector for overseer of the poor in Southampton. He served on the boards of Salvation Army and the board of Governors of the Technical Institute.


  Vincent Lee

 Dr. Kenneth Ellsworth Robinson OBE  May 29 1911-Oct.13, 1978                                

DR. Kenneth Robinson

 Dr. Kenneth Robinson was born the son of Hilgrove Eden Robinson and Olivia Stowe Robinson (Dill) He attended Berkeley Institute and Excelsior Secondary School. He was a graduate of University College and the Institute of Education, both of London University, England and  Harvard University Cambridge Mass. He was married to Rosalind L Taylor and of that union are two children both professionals in their own right.  He  taught at Berkeley Institute 1936, Sandy’s Secondary School 1937 (Headmaster) Central School 1938-1941. Established the Commerce Department at Berkeley Institute in 1942-1945,   Headmaster of Harrington School 1945-1950,Francis Patton School 1950-1956 (Headmaster), Senior Education Officer 1965-1970. Dr. Robinson was the first Chief Education Officer from 1970-1976.

Honours and Awards Bermuda Union of Teachers 40th.Anniversary 1959, Adult Education School of Education 1971, Berkeley Educational Society’s 75th, Anniversary Outstanding Achievements in the field of Education 1972, OBE 1974, Kenneth Robinson Day Declared by Ministry of Education on second day of Spring Mid-Term holiday 1977.

He was involved in several organizations  and authored books  ‘The Berkeley Education Society’s Origins and early History,1962’ ‘Atlas for Bermuda 1972’ ‘Course of Study for Primary Schools- Math 1973’. and his very well documented ‘Heritage’. Dr. Robinson comes from the mixed lineage of Peruvian Indian and European heritage.





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