They realized their dreams


In the early 1970’s sisters Lori and Lorrita Tucker along with cousin Jovett Trott and friend Devon Gordon formed a group and called themselves ‘BLACK MAGIC’ they took on Mr. Anthony Woolfe as their director and their parents assisted with music, costumes and props. Later as both Lori and Lorrita entered High School at Warwick Secondary Lorrita became friends with Gina Spence and invited her into the group as a dancer. The groups attention was soon divided as Lorrita became involved in a group at school and she moved on from Black Magic and it folded. Elder sister Lori who was an excellent singer still played a major role in future productions.

Few people would remember six lovely young students who attended Warwick Secondary School in the late seventies and decided they would organize a group to perform in their school assembly performances. They were the best of friends and decided to call themselves the ‘FUNKY SIX’ that name was later changed to the ‘THE CREATIVE SOURCE’ the leader of the group Lorrita Tucker added to her assistance Gina Spence, it took a bit of persuading to get Liza Wingood, Tammy Warner, Kenlyn Butterfield, and Deanna Lightbourne on board but once they did it was no stopping them. Their very first and most rewarding experience was putting on a performance to raise funds for the Dialysis Unit of the King Edward Hospital needless to say it was a great success.

The seed of ASDE” Productions was planted in 1976 with the formation of the dance group “Creative Source. They used the name “Creative Express” for there first production and it was a resounding success. They performed at various hotels, The Miss Bermuda Pageants, and was featured in the 1979 Carifta games hosted by Bermuda. The final production under “Creative Source” was a charitable production entitled “Solid Goal” held at the Spinning Wheel night Club. These funds went to the Physical abuse centre for women. After a period of pursuing individual endeavours two of the original members of the group Lorrita and Gina reunited and formed “Jazzy Productions” They entitled two shows “Ways of Expression” and ” Listen Bermuda” which voiced the concerns of young Bermudians in a theatrical form. In 1988 the first production of ASDE’ entitled “It’s Just a Mirror”, staged at City Hall Theatre, was completely sold out for all three performances, because of such an overwhelming attendance the performance was staged for another three nights. The goal of ASDE. was to Entertain and Educate, Stimulate Community Involvement, Produce Bi-annually a feature Show, Ultimately finance a Scholarship within the Performing Arts. Unfortunately like most organizations the members of the group went their separate ways but still kept in touch and most remained friends.

The production and theatre bug still flowed in Lorrita’s veins and she joined the cast of Theatre Associates Bermuda, under the direction of her Uncle Edwin Wilson, who himself was a top performer she directed a few of the productions. She performed in “It’s Show Down Time”, “One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show”, “Black Girl” “The Days Of Wine and Roses”, and Gettin It Together”. She directed and performed in “A Star Ain’t Nothing But A Hole In Heaven.” Joining her in some of these performances was Jerome E.A. Cooke, her younger brother Ryan G. O. Tucker, June Clarke Caisey, Shirley Christopher, Freda Trimm, Donald ‘Gates’ Galloway among others. Without a doubt these young people paved the way for many to follow but very little is every mentioned about the legacy they laid and the road they paved for up and coming generations to follow,

Bk left DEANNA, Rt GINA, C Left KENLYN, Right TAMMY, Fr. Left LORRITA, Right LISA

The Creative Source.

LORRITA TUCKER: Expect the unexpected from Lorrita! Born the youngest daughter of Joy Wilson-Tucker and E. F. Tucker one could always see her drive for music dance and so much more. She attend St. Paul A.M.E. church and joined the YPD. she was also a Brownie and Bermuda Girl Guide. She was a Student of Mrs. Powell’s Nursery, Mrs. Dorothy Richardson and Delwood School before attending Warwick Secondary. She served on the Student Council, Net Ball Vice Captain, She was champion Girl of Warwick in Sports in her Final year. She attended Morris Brown College in Atlanta, worked in Heavy Construction jobs in Bermuda, worked at Marriott Hotel as a exercise instructor. She was voted most Popular Miss Bermuda in 1970’s. She performed with ‘We Are People Too” taking an outstanding lead in the “For Coloured Girls”, Travelled with Up With People” and made her family and fans particularly proud to see her spotlighted on television when she appeared at the 1986 SUPER BOWL. She is an excellent Writer, Artist and Photographer. A former member of the Loyal Central Lodge. She created and instructed the popular Majorette group the Dynamic City Rockets along with Carla Smith (Hayward) and Rosina Hardtman (Hayward). She briefly had a business making floral arrangements and decorating for weddings. She is a student of Law passing that within 3 years instead of the 4 year period. She holds the position of Human Resource Director of the Bermuda College for over 20 +years. She serves on several other organizations.


LISA WINGOOD: Is the daughter of Brenda Wingood. After leaving Warwick Secondary Lisa attended and graduated from Freiburgh Academy in the U.S.A She was a former Head Girl, Net Ball Captain, Dancer and Performer at Warwick School. Lisa’s ambition was to become a dietician. She studied at the American International College and Bunker Hill College in Boston. She graduated and qualified to work in Radiology, and her immediate goal was to work in the C.A.T. Scan Department of the King Edward Memorial Hospital. She achieved her goals and has been at King Edward for more than 12+years. One of Lisa’s quotes is “I’ll make the good times the best times of my life and I’ll treasure any event as if it were the last because life is far too short to let it slip away.

JEROME E.A.COOKE: was the son of Hilda Lawrence and Eugene Arthur (Rubberneck) Ming. Jerome attended Bishop Spencer and Prospect Primary Schools later he attended Berkeley Institute .He stayed there until the death of his father in 1977. He took that death deeply and it deterred him from stage performances until 1982, He re-entered the entertainment field with a fashion show at City Hall Theatre, it was an exhilarating success. In 1983, he became a cast member of Jazzy Productions which heightened his dance ability. With this new found ability he performed for charity fund raisers such as S.T.A.R. and the Physical Abuse Centre. Jerome followed in his father’s footsteps by performing in local hotels with the “Fiery Limbo Dancers” In 1987, he discovered a new talent of writing and directing so with tremendous success he directed “No Not Me”. He also appeared in many of the ASDE’ performances and in TAB “It’s Show Down Time” “Days of Wine And Roses” and Gettin It Together.” Jerome passed at an early age of life and it is believed that this contributed to the demise of the dreams of the ASDE’ Productions.

Other members of the Creative Source have moved on and become successful in their own right.

LORI TUCKER: Was the eldest daughter of Joy Wilson-Tucker and F.E. Tucker unlike her sister she did not take to dance as a performer but she had a voice like a canary. Music was her love and singing was her forte. She attended Mrs. Busby’s Nursery, Mrs. Dorothy Richardson and Delwood School. Her choice of sports was Track, Net Ball, Tennis and Soft Ball. She obtained trophies in Cooking and Soft Ball. She was a member of St. Paul A.M.E. YPD and the St. Paul Community Choir showing her talents by singing lead solo at several shows put on by the choir. One of the most outstanding was at the former Rose Bank Theatre. She was a Bermuda Brownie and Girl Guide. A Past President of The Loyal Central Flower Lodge. She attended Clarke College and upon her return home worked at the Bank of Butterfield in the Accounts Department. She performed in several of the shows put on by Jazzy and ASDE’ Productions very often as lead Soloist. Unfortunately Lori lost her life at the age of 25 years at the hands of another in a car accident in 1982. This too contributed to the demise of activity of the young performers.