‘Education was the Key’ Margaret Edwena Smith

Edwena Smith was a woman of  substance. She was the daughter of Hosay and Adelaide Lough Smith. Born in Warwick Bermuda. She had one brother Donald.  She later moved to Elliott Street and then to the newly built home on Princess and Angle Streets in the city of Hamilton. Her father was a successful grocery store owner and operator. He arrived here from Turks Island and took up employment with the British Navy Air Force Institute at Prospect  and at Warwick Camp. Her brother was one of Bermuda’s first black travel agents. (The Donald Smith Travel Agency).  She attended Central (Victor Scott) primary school and later gained entry into the Berkeley Institute via a Bermuda Scholarship. After gaining the Cambridge School certificate she left Bermuda to attend the University College of the Southwest of England in Exeter Devon. Edwena had a passion for languages. She obtained a bachelor of Arts degree in Latin, French and English. She took her status as a teacher very seriously. Well into her career at Berkeley Edwena gained her Masters in Education degree from Boston University, and assumed various roles in her teaching career.  She served as head of the fifth year career Counsellor and school Librarian. She remained at Berkeley for twenty-five years. She spent a short period teaching at Bermuda College and did a brief stint at Robert Crawford School before leaving her teaching career for a job with Sun-life Canada Insurance Services she remained there for approximately 15 years. She was a long serving member of the Berkeley Educational Society and served as historian of the Society ,as a chair person of the programme committee and helped to raise funds for scholarships available to graduates for the school. She received the Village project award via the Berkeley Institute in October 2011. In 1980 she married William Albert “Peter’ Smith who was a founding member of the Progressive Labour Party Bermuda. She had a keen interest in politics and a trailblazer. She was an advocate of the committee for Universal Adult Suffrage, a group which sought to democratize the voting system by removal of the unfair property vote and by giving every Bermudian aged twenty-one and over the right to vote in a general election. Some of her other committee involvements was as a Trustee of St. Paul A.M.E. church. A Sunday School teacher and chairperson of the Bermuda Library Committee, Member of the Education Appeals Board. She worked with dignity, grace and gave of her contributions to Education, and the church. Edwena was an inspiration to so many and never ceased to follow her dreams. Resting in the bosom of Jesus. ——    Well done Edwena.