Executives of The Bermudian Heritage Museum

    Joy Wilson-Tucker     Founding Member and     President                                                                                                                                         

         Joy is one of the founding members of the Association since it’s inception in 1994
         She has served as Vice Chair and presently the President
          She is  the Museum’s exhibits director. A Lecture Master of
          The Independent Order. #9385. and Historian of the Lodge.
          She serves in several organizations throughout the Community  and
           has  served as President of the Senior Ushers Board of St. Paul AME
           for 14 + plus years and currently serves as Vice President.  She is  an 
           author of several written works and an avid researcher.


Lorrita Tucker Consultant

LORRITA J TUCKER: Our Knowledgeable and Vibrant consultant has been a member of the museum since its inception in 1998. A dynamic personality she spent much of her early years hosting stage shows for Bermuda’s youth. She did a four year stint with UP with People before attending Morris Brown College where she studied urban and architectural Design. She continued her studies in the field of Management and  has obtained the  Ilex level three degree in Law. She is presently the Director of Human resources at the Bermuda College. She has an excellent eye for detail and design and the result of her advice to us is much appreciated.


Lynell Furbert, J.P. Asst. Events Manager


Lynell joined the Association Executive in 2004.

She was a long time employee of the Bermuda Prison Service.  She serves on several committees throughout the St. Paul A.M.E. Church and Community. She serves as 1st. Assistant to the Events Chairperson of the Association.




Deborah Burgess


A member since 2004. Worked in Customer relations for HWP

group for several years.

She is a member of the Loyal Mayflower Lodge #9387.

A Past Noble Grand and presently serves as their Permanent Secretary.

                                She is a member of the Mid-Atlantic Boat and Sports Club and a Volunteer at  

                               Agape house.     






Cherie Gray

          A diligent worker

 Cherie joined us in February of 2014 she attended the Northland School

and is a graduate of the Bermuda Girls Arts and Crafts School she applied her

craft into her everyday life. She is an excellent seamstress and used that ability to 

create her own business. She spent some 25 years in the U.S.A. while there she 

opened a business ‘Simply Cherie’s, On returning home she mastered her knowledge

even more, with her knowledge of crafting she is a great asset to us and we welcome 

her with greatest of pleasure.


Cherie joined our Executive board March 2012

She is a person with a sultry singing voice that could warm any heart’

She performed in several plays and skits put on by Joy Wilson-Tucker

as fund raisers for the Bermudian Heritage Museum and St. Paul’s church.

She has been a member of the Vision Performers since its inception in 2006.

A member of St. Paul Church she served on their Finance Board.

Cherie is a dedicated worker and a welcome addition to our board.


Thelma was a long time employee of the Bermuda Government Registry.

She is a member of St. Paul A.M.E. Church and member of the Senior Choir

She is a member of the church finance board.

She has several years of service on the St, Paul Trustee Board.

Thelma worked for several years at the Matilda Smith William’s Home as Supervisor.

She joined us in 2014 to assist with our fund raising for the museum on our

annual tag days and remained as our Assistant Treasurer.

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