She Cherished her vision Elizabeth Musson Kawaley

 Elizabeth Musson Kawaley  was born at shore Hill St. Georges’ and lived for a while on Long Bird Bridge. Her family later moved to Angle Street  in Hamilton. She was the daughter of Horace Musson  an engineer who ran a machine shop her mother was a home maker. She was educated at Central School and Berkeley Institute. Mrs. Kawaley loved books and it was no surprise that she aspired to become a teacher. She won the first Bermuda scholarship for girls in 1939 this afforded her the opportunity to attend University in Canada where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree.

She later earned a Diploma in Education at London University and spent a year studying  French in Paris. She also taught at Kenema and Schenker secondary schools in Sierra Leone. Upon  returning  to Bermuda she taught at Berkeley Institute, Sandy’s Secondary and Warwick Secondary (now T M Tatem school). Mrs. kawaley was soft-spoke, kind-hearted and dedicated to her teaching career. She married Mr. Solomon Kawaley a Science /Math teacher from Sierra Leone. Life wasn’t all peaches and cream for Elizabeth. She spent a short time in Kingston. She faced her share of racism while attending University.

elizabeth kawaley

Some of her closest friends were of a different race this made her time in Kingston very difficult because they had never seen a black woman. That was very short-lived as many students of colour soon joined the University. She was presented with a certificate of appreciation by Vice Chancellor Daniel Woolfe. Mrs. Kawaley taught for some 39 years in the educational field before she retired. She became the author of a book the Island that disappeared  written in 1995 and a second edition in 2013. Mrs. Kawaley has gone home to her greatest reward at the age of 100. in May 2022

Well done Elizabeth and thanks so much for your service.