Let the music Play

Cecil Sinclair (Bird) Dill— born to Gilbert and Mabel Dill the fifth of ten siblings

He studied at Central School and upon leaving embarked on his life long trade as a master mason.He followed in his fathers footsteps. Building many land mark structures in Bermuda , homes for the rich and famous to major structures at the once Kindley Air Force base in Bermuda. These buildings are a testament to his expertise. Cecil had a love for music and learned to play the trumpet learning from some of Bermuda’s’ leading musicians. He played with some of the top bands in the Island like Ernie Leader,. Pot Gilbert, Al Davis and Llewellyn Butterfield. He was a lead Trumpeter in the North Village Senior Band. Cecil worked in New York for a few years studying accounting and like his music excelled in his trade. He was a spiritual man . He went quietly and unassuming about his life. He left a great legacy for his children to follow. His Music and His Life.

Cecill Bird Dill

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