Widely Acclaimed –Firmly Established


It gives me a deep sense of pleasure to write about this gentleman. Not only have I known him all my life but realizing the challenges he dealt with throughout his life made me admire him even more. Edwin was born the seventh child of William Francis Wilson 3rd, and Ismay Winifred Rebecca Wilson (Dill) he had 4 sisters and 4 brothers he is from a family of mixed heritage and deeply religious. His grand mother was Marion Calder DeMinks Ferrier and grand father John Thomas Dill. On his Wilson side his grandmother Agnes Louise Wilson(Smith) his grandfather William F. Wilson 2nd. was the builder and Lay reader of the St. Monica’s Church in North Village, his mother’s family were originally stanch worshippers of Christ Church in Devonshire. His lineage is a mixture of Peruvian Indian, Portuguese, African and European.


Edwin was born July 1935 and enjoyed the first ten years of his life just like any other young boy, he was seldom seen without a book in his hands. At the early age of 11 years he had an industrial accident while his father was building his home when Edwin lost his right hand in a Cement Mixer a few weeks later he fell and broke his left arm and for at least three months he had to rely on his mother to do everything for him. This became a bigger challenge because he had a teacher who could or would not grasp the fact that he could no longer write with a hand that he did not have and had to learn to write with his left hand, in stepped mom and got that matter settled. Edwin though very self conscious of his disability excelled in his studies and in each year at Central he came head of his class. He was a studious person and without a doubt was determined to excel in whatever he attempted to do. He attended Sandy’s Secondary School and later went on to Wilberforce University with such friends as Cecil and John Smith, Reginald Burrows all branching out of the Vernon Temple A.M.E. Church Bermuda. He was blest with the gift of gab; and through many trials, God guided him to his future. He became a musician, learning the harmonica and sang with the St. Monica’s Junior Choir and with Nellie Swan performers. He became a Theatrical performer and performed overseas and in Bermuda. He earned his B.A. degree in Education from Wilberforce and received his M .A. degree in Education Administration at Michigan State University. Although he changed his major from studying the Ministry he became the preacher in the family. His first teaching job was at the school where he studied, Sandy’s Secondary where he taught English Literature and Drama he eventually became Deputy Head before retiring and going into another Government field.

Over the years Edwin accepted his disability and continued to meet any challenge in his life. He became Education Officer and Organizer for the Bermuda Prison Service and served as President of the Prison Officers Association and Somers Isle Cricket League. He was a founder and Past President of the Studio Foundation for the Arts. He was founder, president and artistic director of the Theatre Associates Bermuda. He preformed and directed several stage performances. His interest in theatre goes back to his University days when he was president of the Wilberforce Players. In Bermuda he produced such productions as “Amen Corner”, “The Sty of The Blind Pig”, River Niger,” “Witness for the Prosecution,” “Nevis Mountain Dew,” “Boesman and Lena” “He was the first person to perform in the prior segregated Bermudian Hotel after a boycott by several outstanding Bermudians namely Carol and Georgina Hill where he performed in the play by the A.M.E. churches entitled ‘A Man Called Allen.’ He worked as a Customs Officer, and after 17 years was honoured by the Prison officers in 1988. He worked as a Government Labour Planning Officer and served on several other Committees for Education and Government Departments. He Assistant in the family savings club retiring in 2001. He severed as a consultant to a governing party and has been classed as Bermuda’s best Arbitrator. Edwin was married with two sons Mark and Bruce. He had to face another tragedy in his life in September 11th.1988 when his young son, Bruce, who had just turned 23 on 11th.September was killed in a traffic accident a day after his graduation. This was another heavy cross he had to bear. We are taught as children life has to move on and move on he did through the pain and grief he continued to serve his country until his retirement. Hopefully he satisfied all his dreams and attained his goals. Well done brother you have set a path for many of us to follow and with so much pride.