Heather ‘She took the blows’ 1951-2021

Heather Jacobs Matthews lived in an area of Bermuda which was commonly called ‘Back of Town’ and now known as North Street. She attended Central School and later Berkeley Institute. She was one of the first students at the forerunner to Bermuda College the Sixth Form Centre. Heather’s greatest desire was to become an accountant and she never wavered from that dream. She worked at the Bank of Butterfield and Bank of Bermuda while studying accountancy at night school. She later went on to Dalhousie University Canada where she graduated with a bachelor degree in Commerce with distinction and majoring in accounting in 1976.

She worked at Gray and Kempe /Price Water House where she was appointed Assistant Auditor for the Government in 1980. Heather was promoted to Deputy Auditor a role she held for nine years where she also provided Senior managerial support to the Government Auditor. She was responsible for reporting the Islands finances throughout the turbulence of the great recession. She covered every detail of the public purse and how it was spent. She left no stone unturned and no holes barred. She was appointed to the post of Tax Commissioner in 1989 and this position she held for four years. Heather became Accountant General in 1993 and served for another ten years. She became the first black woman to serve as Auditor General when she was appointed in 2009.

Heather was described as being very humble and a true leader she did what was required of her in true form. She served the people of the country with Justice, Honesty and Professional judgement. Heather your great Ancestors of the Peruvian Indian wait to welcome you with open arms saying well done we are proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished in your short span of years. Be at peace my sister your rest is well deserved.