Reginald Ewing Eugene Ming was the son of Edwin C. Ming and Mabel May Ming of Devonshire, he came from a large family. Reggie attended the Elliott School which was notable in itself for it was built by 12 Black Men. Later Reggie attended Mr. Skinners School which was later named Howard Academy then he attended the University of Maryland and Swansea University College, South Wales United Kingdom.

He came from a family that was noted for their excellent Cake making and mastered the art himself also becoming a top chef. He loved nature and spent time in his Devonshire Parish around the plants, flowers, and open spaces. He was an avid gardener and created exotic floral arrangements for all occasions. He was a founder and member of Devonshire Flower and hat show, and was responsible for the Annual Floral Heritage Festival at the Bermuda Cathedral. He spent time unselfishly devoting himself to the development of programmes for the youth of Bermuda. He was involved in many organizations such as the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, The Devonshire Community Centre and the Annual Youth Heritage Service. He was responsible for staging the first “Youth on Display Show at City Hall.

Reggie transformed a neglected Ports Island into a superb camping ground and introduced the International Camping site known as ‘Camp Wahoo’. As a Government Official Delegate, he attended the first ever Commonwealth Youth Exchange Conference in London England. Mr. Ming was greatly involved in his community work was extensive. He was founding member of the Girls Softball Association, Hibiscus Garden Club, Bermuda Arts Council, Christ Church Vestry Welfare Society Devonshire Branch, Secretary of the Bermuda Youth Council and Royal Commonwealth Society.

He was a Past President of the Hamilton Kiwanis and served on the Devonshire Vestry. The Red Cross Society, and a Trustee of the Civic Ballet. He was instrumental in establishing Heritage Month and the Bermuda Day Celebrations. Reggie introduced the first ever Marching Band to perform on Front Street. He introduced the Heritage Book and assisted in organizing the Heritage Week events. He was awarded the Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honour, in 1975 he received the M.B.E and was awarded the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Medal.

He had many hobbies Reggie enjoyed reading, classical and inspirational music, cooking and collecting antiques and cultivating Bermuda roses. Reggie was not afraid to give of himself and rewards were great as he devoted a life time to his community and country.