Trials and Tribulations of a good man Julian Hall

Julian Hall was born into one of the largest recognized families in Bermuda ‘The Dill Family’. His ancestral line includes Peruvian Indian, Portuguese and African Bermudian. He was an ambitious young man and had boundless energy. His desire was to have a career in medicine he studied chemistry and biology and skirted his interest to other areas he ended up with a degree in Psychology. He studied Law for a short while at the London school of Economics and Political Science. His first real brush with politics came at age 19 in Canada’s Mount Allison University. On returning home to Bermuda he began his legal practice with Conyers Dill and Pearman. It was there he became involved with one of Bermuda’s political parties the U.B.P. Because of his ambitious nature Julian moved ahead quickly in his career. During this time he assisted Mrs. Lois Browne Evans (Later Dame Lois) in 1977 in an appeal on behalf of Buck Burrows and Larry Tacklyn the night before their execution. They  had been arrested and found guilty for the murder of the then Governor Sir Richard Sharples and his ADC along with the Governor’s dog. In spite of declaration of their innocence they where sentence to hang. Julian took a lot of back lash for that decision. Facing unrest with some decisions within the party Julian left the U.B.P in 1979 as part of a protest three other persons joined him in that protest all young and ambitious men. Mr. Ward Young ,Mr.Llewellyn Peniston and Mr. Arnold Todd.  He joined the Progressive Labour Party in 1980 and faced more problems. It just seemed as if trouble followed him. One wondered why. Many believed he was a threat to many people and he needed to be broken. He did not let this hinder him he was an excellent lawyer and many would visit the courts to hear him present his cases. He operated his law firm Julian Hall and partners it went from one person to seven within two years. Then the problems got more serious and he faced foreclosure on a property that he believed had a long-term financing and he was forced into bankruptcy. He struggled on and in 1981 married and left Bermuda for a year working in New York practicing Entertainment Law and he continued to fight cases in Bermuda. Politics was still in his blood and he ran in various constituencies for the P.L.P however he did not become successful until he ran in Hamilton West and won that seat in 1985. Julian was dynamic in court battling cases as well as on the floor of the house of Parliament. He served as minister for Legislative Affairs and several other offices but he was a restless soul and always seemed to be looking for something more to better his life. He became engrossed in Western Africa in Commodity Trading, but the desire to be more successful in his own country never left him.




He returned to Bermuda in 1987 and joined Vaucrossons law firm and faced more opposition. He just couldn’t get the monkey of his back. He was by far one of the most controversial figures, yet throughout his struggles as a lawyer-politician he gave his all to his legal profession and his political aspirations. He was an excellent performer music was his hobby and he enjoyed both singing and trumpeting. He re-established himself as one of Bermuda’s most successful Lawyers. Julian left a legacy to be admired and followed. The society lost a brilliant mind much too soon. If ever the question is asked who was Julian Hall just look at the ancestral line he left behind and the many family members that followed in his footsteps and up-held his legacy.  Ask the question ‘Was he not a man -Was he not my brother.