Mrs. Elizabeth Butterfield-‘ The Soul of Victoria Lodge’

As news flashed throughout the Island of Bermuda on a Sunday evening September 1936 of the death of Sister Elizabeth Butterfield a member of the Samaritan’s Victoria Lodge #8 and various other lodges members were aware that they had lost a stalwart and dedicated member. She was one of a group who helped to establish Victoria Lodge #8  I O O G S . Her presence at its meetings throughout the years served as an inspiration to the host of women who from time to time entered its ranks. She was described as the ‘Soul of Victoria Lodge’. The lodge met on Monday nights and many noticed her making her way to the meetings  sprightly at first for many years one could always see her going into the direction toward her lodge. She like so many others who were found in the Councils of our several fraternal organizations went to her meetings with a mind filled with kindly thoughts and wholesome advice and was stern when the occasion demanded it. She was a typical lady of the Victorian era and although she was never able to graph the freer actions of the modern day woman her knowledge was imposed with such wealth of womanly intuition, that she held the attention of the most intensive  persons, they bowed gracefully to her advice. She was a leader with over sixty years of unbroken service to her credit. She passed away on Sunday September 26, 1936. at the Bermuda nursing home. She did not leave us like a galley slave scourged to his dungeon, but as one who was wrapped in the mantle of the Savior’s  arms. Although not a joiner to an abundance of organizations she gave equally of her time and talent to fostering and supporting the Ladies Charitable Union Society in Bermuda the oldest local Friendly Society in Bermuda. She gave her all to the two fraternal Societies of her choice. On October 3 rd. she was carried to the Pembroke Parish Council grave site from the Victoria Lodge room which was packed with a host of sincere mourners. The cortege left the hall and travelled South along Court Street into Victoria Street along Cedar Avenue onto St. John’s Church. Involved in the procession were members of the Victoria Lodge No. 8, Philanthropic No 5,  delegates from the various Samaritans lodges throughout the Island a delegation from the Working men’s aid and helping Society and Ladies of Industry. (W.M.A.H.S & L O I). along with the Ladies Charitable Union Society. It was here at the end of the internment of Sister Butterfield that several teachers met and discussed further the need for a teachers union mainly because from a financial stand point it was difficult to even keep a mandate to bury their associates and those that gave so much to society.  The idea of a Teachers’ Union became a reality. Sister Elizabeth Butterfield will be remembered for her vast contribution to her lodges and Community as she enjoys the liberties in the grand lodge above.