No stone unturned James Alfred ‘Sonny’ Edwards Sr.

James A Edwards was the eldest child of Charles A. Edwards and Millicent L. Edwards. They resided in the family homestead on Glebe Road in Pembroke. He attended the Band room  school in North Village once known as Mr. Robinson’s School he then went on to Central School. He was an entrepreneurial person  and this led him to a vast working career. He worked as a Prison Officer, Police Officer, a taxi owner/ Operator, Security guard and a horse groomer. He found his way into several fields. During the years of the horse and buggy days he worked with Cecil Frith Funeral Home. He drove the horse-drawn funeral hearse for Bermuda’s Funeral Directors, such as Perinchief and Bulley-Graham. His handling of horses was one of his greatest passions and he showed his expertise as he drove for many an event such as Funerals and Weddings. This afforded him to be selected to drive for several Governors of Bermuda to all official duties Parades, church and memorial services. He would become a well know owner and operator of a taxi which became the major transportation of many entertainers that performed at the Forty Thieves Club one of the most popular night clubs in Bermuda where he also served as a security  guard during his spare time. He drove such entertainers as Aretha Franklin, Nancy Wilson, The Platters to name a few. He operated the Diamond Catering Service  which was a lunch wagon at many locations about the Island. He attended St. Paul A.M.E. church and served as one of its senior ushers for many years. He surely left a legacy for his children to follow.