I want to take this opportunity to thank those persons whom has taken the time to view the historical information I have posted on this web-site. I take a sense of pride in my knowledge and the time it takes to research and record the contributions Bermudians have made to our history. I also want to extend my thanks to any of you that has taken the time to point out any corrections that needed to be made or any oversites I have made. It is greatly appreciated. I will continue to do my best to record the history of our people to the best of my ability. I realize I’m just a vessel through which God has gifted me to produce and I’m thankful. I would also like to inform my readers that I have developed an additional web-site the domain name is “bermudapastourheritage.com It was recently done in February 2022. it covers more information on interesting people in our history. I hope at some point to link it with the Bermudianheritagemuseum.com site as I’m the administrator of both sites. Please feel free to view the new site I would appreciate your feedback. Any responds can be directed to bermudianheritagehistoryalive@gmail.com for the new domain site. You can also make comments to me on that e-mail for the bermudianheritagemuseum.com site.

To you I leave my quote: “As you reach the stars of success, no matter where you roam, reach out to hold Gods unchanging hand so you’ll never walk alone.

Joy Wilson-Tucker Cr. Rt.

April 2/ 2011