Hyacinth Hughes Jones Community Worker

  Community & Church Worker

Community & Church Worker

Mrs. Hyacinth Hughes Jones was one of the most ambitious and happy workers in the community one would have the pleasure to meet. Affectionately called ‘Hy’ by her closest friends she used her entrepreneurial skills to her advantage.
She had a charming personality and deep interest in the lives of others.
Hy developed her skill as a cook once she realized she had to feed a large family and always had invited guest in her home.
This flicked a little voice in her head maybe she should open up her own guest house and open a guest house she did. With a no-nonsense attitude, assisted by her father henry James Hughes who was an architect and building contractor she built on to her home to accommodate both family and friends coming to visit from overseas. Interestingly the guest house got its name from both her and her husband as people called him Everoy and not his given name so the name stood as HI-Roy Guest House
Hyacinth and Everard worked their guest house and made it a success. He was a Jazz lover but this didn’t stop him from being an expert baker. Hyacinth spent her early school days at Central school. She became a Brownie, Girl Guide, and later a Ranger. She prided her self on being a good student and as such she became a monitor in her class and house captain of her school sports team. She was spiritually inspired by the strong guidance of her father who was a Salvation Army Officer.
In her teen age years she worked as a Book binder at the Bermuda Press but this was only for a short period she later became a manager of the Kenwood Club where she worked for 15 years. Hyacinth’s ancestral line was from Saint Eustatius a Dutch country near St. Kitts. She was proud of that fact of her heritage. Her Granny Jane Sarah Elizabeth Hughes and grand father John Hughes were natives of that country and her granny was known for her famous ‘S’ cake, which persons from all over Bermuda would come to purchase. She kept the recipe for that cake a life long secret.
Hyacinth readily expressed her love for the church and became an ardent worshiper at St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church. She served as a Steward, President of the Mosley Club for progress, an overseer for the store house of God. She used her guest house to host many occasions for the church.In the community she served on the Pembroke Parish Council for several years this gave her the added joy of looking out for the seniors and needy of the parish. Her favorite saying was “leave it in my hands” and guaranteed anything left to her capable hands would turn out well. Hyacinth was a class act with a warming smile and giving heart. Bermuda lost a true community hero on her passing but God gained an ardent and faithful worker.

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