Mr. Music Man —–George Smith

If ever one wanted to hear a sultry musical voice they needed to look no further than George Smith. George was born with music in his veins. He was the son of Hubert Smith a well-known talent in his own right. George loved music he not only sang with his fathers’ band the Coral islanders but he also had a group of his own known as the Xanadu. He played the maracas, Congo Drums and guitar. He was the type of singer one could lend an ear to whenever he stood on stage. He shared the stage on occasion with his close friend Eugene Steed a musical icon clearly equal to many. One of the favorite selections George sang during the Christmas season was   ‘A child is born’ he was soft-spoken and had a dashing smile. He played in many local hotels in Bermuda. He had the pleasure of performing for Princess Margaret and Prince Charles during a Royal visit to Bermuda. George was not only a classy singer but a self-employed painter and he enjoyed deep-sea fishing. He was given a Government award  for his contribution to tourism and a bravery award for saving the life of a young child from the North Shore waters. He was a J.P (Justice of the Peace). President of the Diabetes Association and a member of the Pembroke Parish Council. The voice of this angel was silenced after a long illness but the memory of his melodious music will live on.

DSC00275George Smith

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