Race was no barrier Ivan Skipper Dill

Ivan Sinclair ‘Skipper’ Dill was born as the third child of Mary Elizabeth Dill and James Stewart Page. He had one brother  Hilgrove ‘Peter’Dill and three sister Ruth, Myrtle and Winifred. They were the products of a mother of Portuguese descent and a father of Peruvian Indian Descent. Ivan grew up on St. Monica’s road Pembroke. He attended primary school in the neighbourhood. He started work in his early teens. He loved boats and to that end he joined the Royal Navy  as a young man. He sailed to many places around the world and enjoyed telling his sea-faring stories to any one who would listen. He was a member of the War Veteran’s Association and participated in several of their memorial day parades. He loved animals and worked with Dr. Steele a local veterinarian as his assistant. He traveled with Dr. Steele to many other countries during this period. He moved on to work with a department of government for a few years. Skipper was a lover off the water and an avid fisherman. He had the gift to navigate after dark just by looking at one of the lighthouses and finding his way home. He was passionate about fishing and was an excellent net-maker an art he more than likely learnt from his Uncle Antonio ‘Tony’  Minks. He owned several boats and one only needed to search the shore of North Village to seek him out. He attended Grace Methodist Church in Pembroke and became a’ willing worker’ of the church. He was always smartly dressed. He volunteered some of his time at the Bermudian Heritage Museum with two of his cousins Thelma and Inez and enjoyed the idea of learning about the history of the exhibits. As Ivan  aged his favorite hang out was near Hamilton Market place with one of his favorite cousins Grace Martin there he always made sure to pick up his favorite items for his Sunday meal bone-in cod-fish potatoes turned corn meal and okra. this was and is still today a Sunday meal for many Bermudians. He spent his reclining days at the Pembroke home with caring family and did his small bit of gardening and caring for some of his favorite animals. Ivan was a man who gave of his heart his knowledge and surely shared the lineage of his family. Well done your work did not go un-noticed.

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