Through the eyes of a young brother

Very often we look at our young adults as a lost cause to us in many ways. The story of young Shachkeil Burrows in my view is an exception . Shachkeil had a dream which he hoped someday to see become a reality.  He wanted to become a football player and move on to coach the big time games. Born into a family of sports personalities  little does he know that lots of his relatives on his fathers’ side of his family were some of Bermuda’s top football players in this aggressive sport. It appears to take lots of skill training and determination to succeed. It would certainly take lots of time to reach the end game of his desired career to become a professional coach. I’m sure he must have received some mentoring from his father Meshach Wade who made the grade in his own right. So it is true apples don’t fall to far from the tree. In July of year 2017 while home on vacation Shachkeil was in a serious cycle accident as a pillon passenger in so doing his right leg was amputated. For a young man this must have been  without a doubt  most shocking and devastating  to say the least. This had to be a matter of saving his life. At 24 years of age he made up his mind that he was not going to give up on his dream and some how he was going to fight on. He along with a friend found a way to raise funds to achieve his objective. He managed to raise enough funds to get a bi-tech bionic leg designed for sports. Fortunately Shachkeil’s  dilemma did not go un-noticed . He was encouraged by Mr. R. Gibbons who himself had faced a similar dilemma.  Mr. Houghton who plays for a top team in Great Britain amputee team approached him through social media and gave him information that if he was able to get the technical leg he might very well be able to play for  the team in England. Humbly  Mr. Burrows was lucky to be alive and to God should go all the thanks and glory. Many don’t get a second chance. Shachkeil made up his mind he was going to grasp every opportunity he could on the road to achieve his desired career. Keep your positive attitude  young man hopefully you can become  an example to so many others. Good Luck and may you realize your dream and goals someday soon.

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