I’ll sign your name– Mr. Lawson Map

Lawson Mapp was born in Parsons Road  Pembroke Bermuda. Like lots of young people during that time he was raised by his grandmother. He attended Elliott Primary school. He was not fortunate enough to attend the high school of his desire so at sixteen years of age he like many during those early days went off to work. His first job was sanding floors and painting houses. While working on a site he recognized a sign painters’ business boldly displaying his handy work Harry Greene located on Serpentine Road. Lawson having the urge and most of all courage he approached Mr. Green and obtained a part-time job in sign painting. He made a wage of 10/- for a days work. After a few months at the job he was hired full-time and remained in that job for twelve years.  He and Mr. Green were credited for painting the Hamilton Coat of Arms on the City Hall building in 1960. It can be noticed from the South left hand side of the building. Lawson  knew in his heart that at some point he wanted to branch out on his own  .He  eventually  opened his own sign painting business under the name Mapp Signs Ltd.on Tills Hill,Pembroke. He soon moved his sign painting business and operated on Richmond road. He was definitely from the old school he did all of his painting by hand and stayed with this method and tradition, his service to many became invaluable until he retired after fifty years in that field. Although a busy man in 1979 he submitted his name to become a Councillor with the Corporation of Hamilton.  Lawson was successful in his quest. He eventually moved up the ranks to Alderman, then Deputy Mayor and Mayor of the City of Hamilton from 2000-2006. He became the second black Mayor after Cecil Dismont who had been elected in 1988 and eventually had a street named after him ‘ Dismont Drive.’ Lawson  had the pleasure of welcoming her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England at City Hall in 1994. He was a long time member of the Anglican Cathedral Church in the city of Hamilton and served as a board member of the Eliza Dolittle Society. He certainly proved that if you dream high  enough and pray long enough prayers will get answered in due time.  Mr. Mapp ‘s hobbies was stamp collecting. He served his community and church well. His work can still be seen about the Island. Well done Lawson. Thank you for your invaluable service to the people of Bermuda.

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