Lloyd Telford- Kindness abounds

When we think about visionaries we must remember Lloyd Telford born on the 5th of February 1934, he grew up during the racial divide with one set of standards of respect to one race and another set of standards to the other. Lloyd learned at an early age how to navigate in such a racially divided society attempting to be a successful human being while maintaining his dignity and individualism. He attended West End School in Somerset and at age 15 years he entered the five year Apprentice Ship programme at the old Royal Naval Dockyard. When the Dockyard closed in 1950 he was one of the apprentices sent by the Admiralty to Britain to complete their Apprentice-ship at Port-mouth Dockyard.

Mr. Telford ably acquitted himself at Port-mouth and on completion of his training, he was offered a commission in the Royal Navy as a Marine Electrical Engineer, which he declined. He entered employment at the Bermuda Electric Light Company and later at the U.S. Naval Base at Morgan’s Island.

He launched out on his own in 1959, providing electrical service to his community from his home, from these humble beginnings he and his family established the Telford Industrial Complex at Well Bottom in Southampton, and the Telford Depot building in Somerset. He was the founder of the Telford Mile, the youth competition for runners of ages 4-17 years and this event continues to be supported by the community and younger Telford family.

A thank you goes to Mr. Telford Sr, and his workers for his contribution of electrical work to the Bermudian Heritage Museum in 1998. Our good deeds should never go unnoticed.

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