Service to Farmers

Richard Bascome was born in the area of his West Over Farm. He grew up accepting responsibility from an early age. His family returned to Somerset when he was age nine where he could be closer to his maternal grandparents. During this time Mr. Bascome senior raised cows and pigs. Richard along with his siblings had various chores to complete before attending school for the day. Often he travelled to West Side Marketing Centre to deliver farm produce for sale and deliver milk at times to Woody’s in Dockyard. In 1953 Richard travelled to an all trade school at Hampton Institute and later he moved to Ohio and served in the U.S. Air force as a fuel specialist. He took advantage of this career and lived in Texas, California and Korea.

He returned home in 1962, and sought work outside of farming, but as the need to help his family increased, he went back to the farm at West Side. He operates the only slaughter house on the Island, this is a lucrative part of his services to other farmers. Diary farming contributions is a significant portion of his farming as well. His two sons joined in the work along with a small staff.

As technology improves Mr. Bascome expresses his thoughts that every day the farmer has to look for ways to improve. He continues to supply milk for the Island as well as fresh meat which can be purchased twice a week.

He was acknowledged by Bermuda for continuing the family legacy of his parents and the services offered through the years by the Bascome family at West Over Farm.

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